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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bucket List Update : Whole Foods Recap

Friday night I got all dolled up (i.e. I back combed my hair and put it up) because it was the evening of the great Whole Foods dessert pig-out tasting.  I tried to take a picture of my hair.

Not me.  Pinterest Goal.

What you can't see - the awesome back combing job and twisty-bun thing a la Pinterest that I dominated finally called "done" after a mere 17 minutes of almost cursing because the tutorial looked so flippin' easy, but was a big fat liar.  (And, not to get all hater-like, but where were you, Sister Wives?)

Lauren recently moved into some new digs so I traveled to her side of town to check out the renovations in progress, collect some of her old dance costumes for the girlies, and eat my body weight x10 in calories at Whole Foods, a.k.a. the Pinnacle of Good Health.

My Whole Foods has an amazing hot food bar.  The Whole Foods by Lauren was, bless their hearts ... trying.  There just wasn't much to choose from and I decided I didn't want to waste my calories on something healthy mundane like vegetable soup.  What I really wanted was dessert. We headed to the mecca of chocolate goodness that disguises it's empty calories behind mind-blowingly gorgeous artistic creations that deserve to be eaten, otherwise referred to as the dessert showcase.

It was one of those situations where you are struck dumb by choice.  Not like you are choosing to be struck dumb, but that there are so many good choices you are rendered mute.

Because one of my hidden talents is an insane ability to make vegan baked goods (blame it on the a-a-a-a-llergy kids), I was honestly tempted by vegan chocolate cake.  I was even tempted by vegan carrot cake because any form of sugar can seduce me.

I finally settled on a peanut butter brownie.  Lauren chose a chocolate frosted brownie.  They were both fine choices.

Mad artistic photography skillz.  Stephanie, you should totally be jealous.

Don't worry, we drank skim milk with it, so it was  pretty much diet food.
I felt like such a hipster taking pictures of my food.  But then I realized it wasn't with Instagram, and then I felt like a nerdy suburban mama, so back to reality for me.

Dinner at Whole Foods remains on my bucket list, which means technically I'm pretty much required to go to my WF in order to fulfill this dream.  Otherwise I would be someone who never follows through with their plans.  I can't settle for being that girl.  So really, dinner at WF is a matter of my personal character.  That's what's at stake here.


Also, another update just for fun:  Remember when I confessed the night I realized my Serial Killer tendencies?  The scene of the crime was in my basement where I was working diligently on a desk for Hosanna.  I totally finished it.

Life before Pinterest.
Life after Pinterest. 
"Hey Kel, did you line the drawers?"
"Heck yes, I did."

Oh, and did you want another random update?  Of course you do.  Here is my bathtub after the Peroxide/Ginger Detox bath.

Just, sick.
And finally, because I can't leave you on that loveliness, here is me after crushing day one of Jillian's 30 Day Shred.

As the days progress, the triumph dims considerably.  But for now - Is that all you got, Jillian?! 


  1. I AM totally jealous! Because, seriously, I have never even been to Whole Foods, and you not only went, you got a peanut butter brownie AND took an awesome picture of it!! You are my hero.

    Dude, that desk IS a work of art. Phenomenal!!

    1. I can not believe you've never been to WF! This travesty must be addressed. It is a matter of self-love that you go and eat a pb brownie (or whatever it is you want to blow points on)


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