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Who the heck is Kemper?

Everybody, meet Kemper Sosa:  BS, ACSM-CPT (a.k.a. = Personal Trainer to the Stars Kelly @ Sublurban Mama).

He may look all sweet and kind, but he makes me call him "Dr. Swole" and write "Kemper has better hair than me" 20 times if I miss my reps. KIDDING.

This man has not only advised nutrition and exercises changes that have netted me (so far!) a 25 pound weight loss, a 14% reduction in body fat percentage, and killer shoulders, but he has forever changed my life.

BootKemp pizza
nom nom nom
I met Kemper in February of 2014, but have only been working with him on a consistent basis since March. In that short amount of time my world has been turned upside down. I am stronger, leaner, and more confident than I have ever been as a direct result of Kemper's training.

Kemper minored in nutrition, so he brings knowledge of diet from more of a scientific background. As a result of the information he has shared I eat healthier, but, more importantly, want to eat healthier for a goal far bigger than "just to look good". Every bite I take contributes to how well my body functions. I feel amazing.

Pushing people (and tires) to their full potential.

I've always thought I was a hard worker; I go for big goals and "go hard" at the gym. But Kemper has shown me I have no idea what I am truly capable of, and that makes me so freaking excited. I am challenged every time I meet with him. At our last session he cheered out loud because when *I* thought I was completely tapped out on the TRX band rows, he yelled at urgently encouraged me until I finally completed what I thought was an impossible rep. Kemper's response: "You got a whole extra inch there just by squeezing your lats." What seems tiny is really HUGE in accomplishment, because success is often found in that extra inch in that last seemingly unattainable rep. My fitness and strength are propelled to new levels at (and after) every session.

Popeye. If Popeye ate
(One month on Kemper's personalized
strength training plan.)
Kemper has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Eastern Michigan University. Our workouts are peppered with Mr. Smarty Pants using proper terminology and explaining anatomy and how the human body works. This is so helpful because now I understand the reasons behind the exercise; the goal is no longer just to do a rep, but to work the muscle in order to make it stronger and/or bigger. This has changed my mindset at the gym, and the results are staggering.

Another benefit I've received from training with Kemper is MOBILITY. As the recipient of four c-sections (sounds like a major award, doesn't it?) my hip flexer has been cut four times during surgery. Having full range of motion in squat seemed at best improbable. Kemper uses the last five minutes of each session to put on terrible spa music (that often makes me literally laugh out loud) and stretch out my trouble areas. After two stretch sessions with Kemper I could touch my heels to my butt while in a runner's lunge. That's a mobility gain of about six inches = a squat depth that doesn't make me feel like a jerk.

To be young and have fantastic hair.
Oh, and Kemper looks good, too.

Kemper is hella fun. And if he can handle me (with a smile) he can handle anyone. I look forward to going to our sessions. He lets me tease him, and he teases back. He is all sorts of encouraging. I often believe in me because Kemper believes in me.

And lastly (and most importantly) I trust him because he's proven himself.

You all know I'm not a salesman. I don't hock crap on my blog, like, ever. So this is not an affiliate link. I'm not paid for this page. I do not benefit in any way from sharing this info. But I think you will if you live in the southeastern part of Michigan and are looking to get healthy. Kemper trains a variety of people with a variety of goals. He is passionate about your health. Give him a go if you want results.

Kemper can be contacted at:

Kemper Sosa: BS, ACSM-CPT
Phone: 734-558-2556


  1. After this endorcement, he may need to offer virtual programs for those that do not livin MI (like Elliot Hulse).

    1. I'm totally telling him that RIGHT NOW.

  2. I'm really going to think about contacting him! After our discussion this week, I KNOW I'm no "Kelly" but I do have my own goals and I am willing to work hard to reach them! Great info! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I obviously am pleased with my results, but I think Kemp is just what you are looking for as far as being taken seriously, etc.


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