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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Intervention: My Chemical Romance

I have a problem.  It's really embarrassing to talk about.  In fact, this is the first I've spoken of it publicly.  Even the bestie hasn't been privy to this secret.

There is something I long for.  I'm constantly tempted.  I see it all the time in real life, but even a simple photo can set my heart to yearning.

I know it's not a smart decision.  I know I will live in regret for the rest of my days if I give in.  I know I'll be mortified to actually do it, but the heart simply can't help what the heart loves.

This is where I need you.

Is it an intervention when you are staging it for yourself?

Friends, help me.  I really want a perm.

There, I said it.

My whole life I've struggled with this desire.  In fact, I gave in to the temptation so many times in my youth it's like I gave no thought to my future.  Specifically, no thought to one day having pictures like this:

"Hey Mom, it's 1988.  How's about we get matching perms? Tubular."
(Brian interjects, "Why do you look like a Cabbage Patch Kid?")
Boom box?  Check.  Peace sign?  Check.  Wood paneling and deer picture?  Check.  PERM?  Heck yes.

Curls just woo me.  They say, "Imagine how awesome we would look with your new pearl headband!"  Or, "Look at how wild and free we are just bouncing around on your naturally curly friend's head!"  They mock me in all my baby fine straightness.

I know it's the whole "grass is greener on the other side" thing, but I've also heard that the grass is greener where you water it.  So I've been trying to water my poker straight hair.  (Like, I literally water it everyday because I have to.  Because it's baby fine and has a penchance for getting greasy. Sick.) But nothing helps.

I'm afraid if I don't face this now it will plague me for the rest of my life.  Or I will end up succumbing to my desire and be in bondage to chemicals and rods for all my days.  And be "that girl with the awesome hair perm."  Help me out, Friends!


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  2. Don't do it!!! Once I curled my hair experimentally and my mother in law asked me if I had had it permed. That experiment was a big fat flop! I never wore it that way again! BTW, that pic of you needs to be blown up to poster size, framed, and hanging in my living room. Hilarious!!

    1. I'm pretty sure I know what to get you for Christmas now. You are welcome in advance.

      I'm still so on the fence about the perm thing ...

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  4. I have no advice about the perm (naturally curly girl here), but OMG, you were an adorable child!!! :)

    1. lol - I tried. I've been doing some further research into the perm. Specifically, talking to my friend who went to Beauty School in the 80's, which makes her the most knowledgeable person to have in my pocket ;-) I'm still undecided ...


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