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Friday, September 28, 2012

I Would Do Anything for Love but not Mountain Climbers

*Grey's Spoiler Ahead*

I am having the hardest time concentrating on this post, mainly because Mark Freaking Sloan just died.  For those of you who don't know Mark Sloan, temper your sympathy while I explain that he is a character on Grey's Anatomy which doesn't make it hurt me any less.

Today is another Foreign Language Friday and I was going to post all about mountain climbers. Brian was going to take demonstration pics (well, pictures of me demonstrating mountain climbers, not pose so I could take pictures of him doing mountain climbers)(which would have been more awesome)(but he is totally refusing because he doesn't love me according to Meatloaf's standards)(because Meatloaf would do anything for love)(but maybe mountain climbers were the thing he wouldn't do when he said, "But I won't do that*.")

(*mountain climber pictures for your blog.) So maybe Brian loves me after all. Whew.

(Also, for the full Meatloaf scoop)(isn't the "full Meatloaf scoop" a meatball?)

Dude, don't hate.  XZIBIT gets it.

So, Brian was going to take demonstration pictures for the post, but I went swimming with Sarah and then showered, came home and threw my (non-permed) hair into a bun, and then cried like a baby during the hour of Grey's, so, yeah, no mountain climber pics.  Because this is my current look:

Goodbye Mark Sloan.
I think you should all thank me for not subjecting you to a whole series of "how-to" pics involving this hawtness.  You're welcome.  Also?  Can we just go ahead and give a blessing for the perm already?  It's not like the current hair situation can get much worse.  Srsly.

Honestly, I need a moment to grieve the old season of Grey's.  Because now, everything is different and I don't do well with change.

As an abbreviated Foreign Language Friday I am going to explain the world distance of an Ironman Triathlon in honor of Sarah, my training partner extraordinaire who is on her way to compete in her first 70.3 Ironman.

The 70.3 Ironman Triathlon is an exercise in craziness.  Specifically, dedicated and intense exercise over the span of months.  Because you have to be dedicated and intense to complete a 1900 yard swim (that's nineteen football fields, y'all), a 56 mile bike ride, and a half marathon run (13.1 miles) back to back.  It is accomplished with sacrifice, two-a-days, and lots and lots of sweat.  I am so happy and proud of the hard work Sarah has put in.  She is a BEAST!  (Figuratively. I mean, literally she's really tiny.)

I know this was a cheater FLF, but next week's will be RAD.  Ridiculous And Dy-no-MITE!  Promise. Have a happy weekend, y'all.  See you Monday!


  1. I totally know Kel. I am leary of this season of Grey's already! I have loved that show for years...and I am going to trust that Shondra knows what she's least for a few more episodes until I can really make up my mind.
    That is an intense triathlon! Are you training for a one too or do you just like swimming? I just joined the gym a few weeks ago and I am slowly training myself back to my 2 mile run that used to grace the cover of the infamous Vinsetta Blvd. :)

    1. I just caught my mom up to speed on Grey's and cried on the phone. I'm a neeerrrddd.

      I'm not doing that triathlon! I might try a longer version next year but nowhere near that caliber. Training just takes so much time. I remember your Vinsetta runs! Running in your spare time? I thought you were crazy ;-)

  2. I keep hearing about someone on Grey's Anatomy dying...I guess this must have been one popular character! I don't watch the show, though, so I guess it's a good thing, lol!

    Sorry about your "loss" though. ;) Have a great weekend!!

    1. Brian has been teasing me all week about Mark Sloan. Too soon, Dude. Too soon. ;-)


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