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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's just like American Idol

I am having the hardest time focusing this week.  I fully blame my lack of coffee, but also I think I'm the slightest bit out of my freaking mind with anticipation excited for the rest of this week to get on with itself.  Tonight I'm getting my hair did.  For those of you who follow me on Pinterest (wait, you can do that?  Of course you can, silly girl!  Consider following me an early Christmas present to yourself because I'm really a loser with how much I'm on Pinterest diligent in my pinning.) you may have already seen some of these haircuts.  Any thoughts?  Here is what I am considering:

Not the blonde, the bob.  And since this is Jennifer Aniston's hair I would be copying,  if I got this haircut it's almost a guarantee I would sing the theme song from Friends every time I looked in the mirror. Which is an obvious win. (But?  it's also the safe choice and I could end up hating that.)(Or, since Rumor Has It that I have Friends With Money, if I hate it I could Just Go With It or pull The Switch and stop being The Good Girl, and decide that my hair, the Object Of My Affection, doesn't need to be Picture Perfect.  My life will not be Derailed and it won't cause The Break Up if I choose a haircut that makes hubster question if She's The One.  I mean, Love Happens and sometimes He Just Not That Into You.  Or is into you, because he married you.  Whatever.)

I think the shirt here is throwing me off.  If you stare at it long enough it looks like she is actually missing her arm.  Which is fine, I'm not hating on that.  In fact, most of Esther's barbies only have one arm because she has a girl crush on pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, and every new doll ends up with an amputation before they get too settled.  I pretty much have Soul Surfer memorized because it is Hosanna's favorite movie (next to the Chronicles of Narnia).  So yeah, the hair ... I like how the layers give the ends some shape.

I really like this one because I feel like I could pull this off on my own.  It only makes me a little nervous because I can't see her face, and what if this cut from the front is hideous?  I guess if that happens I can pull a Barbara Streisand and insist people face me on my "good side".  Which will always be the side of my head.  Problem solved.
What do you think?  I think everyone should vote on their favorite.  Let me know by 5:30 p.m. tonight which one you think I should get and I just might do it.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook.  If you leave it on Facebook you could leave a number and everyone would be all, "What's the number thing about?" and we could feel all elitest because we have a secret Facebook number game. (It's the little victories.)

So vote now, dear friends.  It's like the all the control and the future of my hair is in your hands.  I will be waiting with bated breath.  Don't leave my hair like this forever:
This is me from when Mark Sloan died.  I'm sorry to bring that up again, but honestly I don't think I have a better representation of my current hair status.  So vote.  It's for the betterment of America y'all.


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