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Monday, November 12, 2012

"I just want to ride something." - Things You Shouldn't Say Around Your Little Brother

I took a little road trip this weekend.  And by "little" I mean it was a 27 hour round trip.  Ten of those hours were spent traveling.  Of those ten traveling hours, about one hour was spent taking pee breaks.  But?  Totally worth it.

I will elaborate on this trip later, because today I am worn out.  And super behind on my daily life responsibilities.  So I am a slacker blogger today.  But don't hate, I'm going to present you with this loveliness:

Yep.  It's me and my sister Cassie.  Just hanging out in Chicago, riding a metal bull.
A whole 'nother angle. (Plus this one looks like Cassie is photo bombing me.)(Which is rad.)
When my little brother (whom we were visiting) asked what I would like to do on my trip into the city, I answered, "I want to ride something."  I totally meant some form of public transportation, because I'm from the suburbs and go everywhere in my minivan.

While I would've been completely satisfied with the train, this pretty much made the trip.  Thank you Chicago.

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  1. I love Chicago! Glad you had fun! And go to ride something!


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