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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is 33

We started our holiday weekend off with a bang.  Well, more a scream, followed with intense crying, and soothed with snuggles, an ice pack, and butterfly bandages.  When that proved insufficient (the butterfly bandages, not the snuggles)(the snuggles kicked A)(I'm a really good snuggler), Ezra and I headed to Urgent Care at 8:30 p.m. to see if stitches were in order for his wicked head wound that was a result of him being a boy.

As always, I was thoroughly impressed with the staff at our Urgent Care.  They could have moved a bit more quickly (we were in and out in a "speedy" three hours) but they did everything they could to make it easier for a two year old who was up waaaay past bedtime and bleeding from his forehead.  They opened up the trauma room with the VHS player (hilarious)(good thing I'm a child of the 80's and knew how to work it)(no diggity) and once Ezra saw how many choices were at his disposal, he exercised his right as the injured to choose a new movie every ten minutes or so.

"Mom, selfies are laaaaame."
The nurses doctored Mama first so Ezra could see everything that was going to be done to him before they did it.  They gave him time to play with the Papoose Board before he was strapped in.  The doctor that stitched him up choose not to drape his face because it would be scary for him to be all bound up and not be able to see.  Everyone kept commenting on how sweet and cheerful he is.  (Totally true, but hey, I'm a bit biased.)

In the end, Ezra was the proud owner of his first three stitches.  We collapsed at home around midnight.  I fully expected to sleep in the next morning, but darling boy had other plans.


Homeboy was wide awake at 7:00 a.m.  We had plans to hit Greenfield Village for their special Civil War Remembrance Weekend at 9:30.  We made it there around 11:00 because we have four kids and ain't nobody got time for getting anywhere on time with that mess.

The Civil War Remembrance Weekend was an epiphany for me.  There are people out there who, as a hobby, reenact the Civil War battles and lifestyle.  They were all there, volunteering their time.  They dress up in authentic clothing (all hand-stitched!) and stay all weekend in tents.  It's like if you combined camping with Halloween with the nineteenth century.  It was super cool to see, but since we know what an awesome camper I am, and how much I appreciate electricity and my microwave, it totally wouldn't be my thing.  I ran into a friend from college who was there with her whole extended family; they reenact every year.  This was the first year she included her two year old (who was adorable all dressed up).

Brian was all, "I did smile."
After taking out a personal loan to afford a snack stand lunch (but we found food Hosanna could eat which was rad) we watched a short play of slave narratives, heard the cannons fire, and rode the train. The girlies enjoyed a fashion show and a blacksmith made them all rings out of nails.  It was a gorgeous day and we stayed longer than we planned.  After walking around all day long, the kiddos crashed and we all slept well after we ate ice cream for dinner.

Sunday we headed off to church in separate cars because I'm married to the Best Man in the World who arranged a whole day of childcare so we could celebrate our anniversary for nine hours.  After church we handed over the car keys to the Amazing Grace H., who took the kiddos home with her (because she has 11 brothers and sisters my kiddos all love to play with)(and a giant dirt pit in her backyard)(it's pretty much a childhood utopia) and Brian and I had a whole day together.  The only rule was that we couldn't talk about the kids. I was reminded that my husband is hilarious and my best friend. We ate at Moe's for lunch, saw a horrible movie, went grocery shopping, and then ate at my favorite (local) restaurant for dinner.  We came home and had a nice talk*.

*for those of you who read Katie's blog. ;-)

Memorial Day was so relaxing.  I stayed in my jammies until 10:00 a.m.  Our friend Leah came over to borrow a car for the short while until she leaves to go do her missionary thing in Ireland.  I greeted her fresh from the shower with my hair still in a towel. I was a vision of loveliness.

After lunch I was excited to do my favorite thing in the whole world.  My friend Rachel (not Sister Wife Rachel)(this is Rachel Who Looks Like Meg Ryan) invited me over to help organize her house.  Brian and the kiddos teamed up with her husband Shaun and their kiddos (they have three girls and a boy as well) and they all left so we could get some work done.  We worked for almost three solid hours and tackled the basement.  It was bliss for me.  My heart seriously leaps whenever I get to fill a giveaway box.

The menfolk returned from their adventures with the offspring (a little bird told me McDonald's playland may have been involved)(but only because it was pouring rain so they had to leave the botanical gardens) and we BBQ'd and feasted together.  I brought meat and dessert, and Rachel made everything else (including her amazing slow cooker baked beans)(which I probably brought home and ate for lunch yesterday)(and maybe breakfast, too).

And now, honestly, I need a vacation after my vacation weekend.  Happy Humpday, y'all!


  1. I am fascinated by Civil War reenactors--ever since I read "Confederates in the Attic". Your weekend sounds just perfect! I mean, minus the three hours in Urgent Care... :)

  2. Poor Ezra hope he's better and too not driving you to crazy!! I've heard of those Civil War reenactments but only on TV I didn't think they really did it lol. Sounds like a great weekend. Oh and love the matching band-aids!

  3. I think the civil war reenactors seem pretty neat..would love to see that! We have nothing like that here in Canada, cause, hey, we didn't really participate did we? Although we did win the war of 1812, and burned the white house down...did you know that? There is a hilarious song about it by the Arrogant it... LOL

    Happy anniversary to you and the hubby, and hope Ezra is all recovered!

  4. Loved your blog. My husband and I especially got a kick out of the This Is 33 piece you just posted. Great connection to This Is 40. As we get older these are all issues that we much face. Have you checked out, Is a really great resource that you might find interesting.

    Loura Swader @ US HealthWorks - Gilroy


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