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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Highway to the Danger Zone

When your two year old is supposed to be asleep but yells frantically from his bed, go check on him. 

"Mommaaaaaaaaaa!" (Totally picture this without the nuk.)(I am reenacting this with photos for you.)(Photos I already had that were not in anyway involved originally with this experience.)(Authentic blogging = you're welcome.)

When you run in there and the fruit of your womb is sitting on the bedroom floor grabbing his crotch while saying, "LIGHTNING!" do not chalk it up to just another boy with inflated feelings about his manhood.  

"LIGHTNING!" (Picture crying and a pelvic thrust and a crotch grab.)(Otherwise this exact face.)

What he is trying to tell you is that he shoved his Lightning McQueen matchbox car into his diaper and can not get it out.  And it's probably covered with diaper rash creme.  Because how else could that situation be any more fun?

"Being a mom is awesome, isn't it, Momma?  ... Right? ... Momma?"

In redemptive news, this happened.

Best haircut ever.


  1. You kill me!! And your kids are awesome! :)

    1. Thanks, Steph! What is it with BOYS?!

  2. hilarous! What is it about boys wanting to put stuff in their diapers....I guess they think of it like a handy carrying least they aren't walking around with a "murse"....

    1. Bahaha - a murse! We've only got one more week of diapers before our potty training window opens up. (Ezra has a three week break from school.) Dude. Pray for me. It's not gonna be pretty ;-)


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