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Monday, May 6, 2013

Case of the Mondays: Recovery

I'm not afraid.
Guess what was awesome around here?  My weekend.  I had such a great weekend that I am now in full-on recovery mode. Totally like Eminem but without, you know, the substance abuse. I plan to recap my Friday night with NEEDTOBREATHE on Wednesday, so prepare for the awesomeness that will come your way then, because there's probably going to be a picture of me with the band.  Saturday morning I ran alongside Lauren as she participated in her first 5k ever and didn't walk even once.  She was a rock star in the most athletic way possible that has nothing to do with actual music. Sunday was a mix of church*, cleaning**, and a power nap, and finally capped off with WT "sirloin" burgers (pre-made ground beef patties sandwiched by sliced sirloin). (Brian was in ghetto heaven.)

(*My favorite part at church was that mid-sermon someone opened the windows (because spring has finally arrived in Michigan!) prompting Brian to lean over and ask a freaking million times if I smelled Subway until I finally whispered back, "It's my new deodorant." (Totally not true, it was probably Subway, but it shut him up.)(Until four seconds later when we went back and forth exchanging possible names for Subway deodorant.)(I'm pretty sure I won with "Cold Cut Trio" because it offers three layers of protection.)

Sorry, Babe, but my name just knocked yours the heck out.

(**My favorite part of cleaning was that Brian committed to doing the yard work Sunday afternoon.  This involved him cutting the grass and the kiddos emptying the garage of everything we own and strewing it about the neighborhood. I worked diligently inside until I found the kitchen counter.  We went to bed exhausted and earned our deep slumber.  Upon leaving the house this morning Brian discovered that not only did we leave the garage door open all night, but we also left the van in the driveway with the windows down and the keys in the ignition. Because we are responsible and take care of our stuff.)

So, in view of my uber busy weekend, here is a super short version of a Case of the Mondays post.  I'm pretty sure it won't make any sense, but continuity makes me happy and this is my blog.  So there.

Which leads me to...

I'm pretty sure Eminem and Taylor Swift would never date, but I'd love to hear the breakup albums.

"She tied Taylor Swift to Eminem? How does she do it?"  Six degrees of Pinterest, y'all.  Starting with Marshall, ending with Marshall. Full circle. Boom. Happy Monday.


  1. Oh, I do love Eminem. He was on my celebrity freebie list for a while. Do not ask me why. I still couldn't tell you. He's very NOT my type.

    I'm glad you had a good weekend and that you still have a van after those overnight shenanigans.

    1. I get the Eminem thing. Here in Michigan he's kinda a Big Deal, upping his desirability quotient considerably. Did you see 8 Mile? Yep.

  2. You are my most favourite blog, i check it every night before bed. You make want to be a runner, have clever awesone children, not be so lazy with my vocal trills and be an all around better person. For now I'll stick to my 'stop sign' method, adopt a puppy, and rock out to a good drama queen opera aria (queen of the night, whhhhaaaaat?)

    Please keep blogging!

    1. I love this comment! Thank you so much! I could not collect a better group of compliments anywhere - this made my day. Also, I bet it's a *stellar* performance of Queen of the Night you are rocking out ;-) Have a wonderful day - thanks again for the kind words.


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