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Friday, March 1, 2013

"The water cooler is all the way in the basement but I want hot tea without going down the stairs" (and other first world problems).

I've been a Cranky McCrankivich this week.  I think it's just because now that we are all recovered from the flu (Thank Ya, Jesus!) I realize how much has gone undone lately.  Two weeks of no real cleaning, cooking, shopping, and *ahem* steady routine for the kiddos (other than 'stay in your jammies and watch tv') has given me quite the To-Do List.  Oh, and have I mentioned school?  We ended up taking two full weeks off school (don't panic, we homeschool), but added to the week off from our Disney trip in October, three weeks of school make-up feels like a monstrous hill to climb.

I've been coping with this stress by being super thankful that we are no longer sick  reminding myself of all the ridiculous things that suck about my life.  Which, as everyone knows, is the most obvious way to lift one from the depths of being overwhelmed, and really helps to turn that frown upside down.

So far, I have noted the following:

1. My wrist is sore from playing Bejeweled Blitz on my iPad.

2. I promised the kids we would go to the McDonald's play land at lunch, but all the parking spaces were taken.  We had to park in the adjacent lot ten yards away.

3. I want Tim Horton's for breakfast but that means I can't have Subway for lunch.

4. It's snowing and the snow plow came and plowed my neighborhood before the storm was finished.  Now there's almost an inch of unplowed snow at the bottom of my driveway.

5. My favorite coffee mug is in the clean dishwasher but if I take it out I'll feel guilty for not unloading the whole thing.

5. The only treadmill left at the gym only faces three televisions instead of six.

6. Someone was using my favorite shower at the gym.  The other shower heads spray all wonky.

7.  I forgot that the car had seat warmers and I spent a few nervous minutes wondering if I peed my pants.

8. I really wanted toast with peanut butter and banana but I used all the bananas to make banana muffins so I had to eat a banana muffin with peanut butter instead.

Sometimes being ridiculous is the only way to cope, amIright?  Now I'm gonna go cheer up and come to you much more smiley after a solid weekend of Bustin' My Tush to Get Crap Done. Happy Weekend Y'all!

Me.  If I was yellow.  And round(er).  Like an M&M.


  1. Good luck with the catch-up. Your first world problems cracked me up. That dishwasher thing has me written all over it and I am so competitive when it comes to parking spaces/lots that it borders on psychotic. We are kindred spirits, I think, you and I. Now go get yoself an iced coffee and get on that list!

    1. Thanks Katie! This weekend should be brutal but productive. I once got pissed at a too far away parking spot at the gym. I didn't want to walk that far to get to the fitness center where I pay to run 5 miles. Nice.

  2. This is a genius way to cope with a grumpy attitude! I'm totally doing this next time!

    1. Do it! It will make you feel so much better! :)


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