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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Manipulation Fail

Scene: I am ranting under my breath to Brian who is sitting three feet away and on the computer while I clean up toys in the living room.  

Kelly: I don't know why I talk at all.  Everyone leaves their crap out anyway.  It totally doesn't matter if I say to pick up your junk, everyone totally ignores me.  I should just stop talking forever.

Brian: (responds after successfully ignoring my ranting for 11 years)  Sounds good to me.

Kelly: (jaw drops and I think, "Fine.")

Then we watch 21 Jump Street - the new remake, not the tv show,  and guess what?  Punishments totally on me as apparently I like to comment, quite frequently, on hilarious things that happen on screen.  I concentrate as hard as I can to win the silent war only I am fighting keep quiet and Brian enjoys a commentary free viewing.

Brian: We should do this all the time.

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