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Friday, August 10, 2012


At first I was all, "OH.  Too bad they ruined
their paint job with the lines through the
O-O-L.  That is a fail."  Then I was all, "Oh,
yeah.  I'm an idiot, too."
*Thank God for the Urban Dictionary, because I originally misspelled the misspelling of "education."  Don't I feel stupid.

I don't know what it is about the beginning of August that makes me look forward to the school year.  We've still got some solid summertime left, and I intend to make the most of it.  (Mainly by eating a lot of dessert at Whole Foods and *shudder* camping.) It's probably all the $.50 crayons being offered in the stores that I think I've purchased enough of, until February rolls around and everyone is jonesing for new crayons, and I refuse to pay $2 a box.  (So?  No new crayons.  I'm like the meanest mom ever.)

Because I'm feeling both nostalgic and anticipatory, this week Facebook Friday is going to be a shout-out to school.  (Also?  We are a homeschooling family.  Just a heads up.)(Because otherwise some of this might seem weirder.)

On All That Fancy Learnin'

I figure the only logical way to finish our unit on Norway, Finland, and Sweden is to go to IKEA.

Question of the day:  "Eve, Esther, Ezra, and .... Hosanna; who carved an "H" in the garage wall?"

I like to think Esther learns a lot by osmosis while I teach the older kids.  This morning, for example. Me, working with Hosanna on spelling.
Kelly:  What says, "ar"?
Esther:  A PIRATE!
Yep.  Lesson learned.

Esther drew four of the most beautiful letter E's.  With pixie stick sugar.  On the hardwood floors.

"It's when God hides eggs in the grass." - Esther teaching Mrs. Justine about Easter.

If Doug E. Fresh's Mama said half as many times as me, "Quit beatboxing and DO YOUR MATH," well then, Eve is on her way to an excellent career.

Just caught my five year old explaining compound interest to my two year old.  Definitely a proud moment.  I think there should be a bumper sticker for that.

Assignment:  Self Portrait.
Kelly: Hey, Eve, this drawing is beautiful, but honey, where is your other leg?
Eve: Oh, that's me pretending to be a flamingo.

Somehow even homeschool kids know that "blacktop only" recess really means "find every puddle you can and jump in it."

Eve:  Italy is shaped like a boot.  Also, in the 1800's Italy made a lot of boots.  Like, really fancy ones.  But mostly I remember it because it's shaped like a boot.
Esther (completely scandalized):  Eve, that's a PRIVATE word.

I thought I'd put in a yearbook photo for your viewing pleasure.

These kids?

Are planners.

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