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Friday, July 20, 2012

I Just Might Puke Today

If blogging doesn't work out for me, I might go into
modeling.  This is my Victory pose after finishing the
Warrior Dash.  That handsome dude workin' it is my
baby brother.

I am so nervous for this race.

I thought that for this Facebook Friday I would focus on fitness (I have been working on that alliteration for about thirty seconds and am tickled pink that it just totally happened all week). I've found some of my Facebook statuses through the years about fitness.  They are loosely in chronological order.  It's fun for me only to see the progression from a 253 pound couch potato to a 148 pound (almost) triathlete.  (Have I mentioned that I'm nervous about the triathlon tomorrow?)


Everyone previews exercise videos while sitting on the couch eating Captain Crunch ... right?

Day One of training for my first 5K.  It was awesome.  And by awesome I mean I threw up.

When I get in my van after a particularly "fun" workout I think, "Thank God I have all these McDonald's napkins to wipe up my sweaty face."

Counterproductive = using the money from the Personal Trainer Fund to pay for Girl Scout cookies.

First early morning run = tripped and skinned both hands, elbow, and upper arm; ran into a spiderweb, blew my nose in my shirt, and a bird pooped on me.  But still my best run so far as I just pretended I was doing the Warrior Dash.  Love me some VICTORY in the morning.

Instructors should be morally obligated to send home donut pillows with first time spin class attendees.

Upon my return from the gym.  "Mama, gross.  You smell like running." - Esther, age 3.  Nice.

All of Esther's barbies are doing downward facing dog. I'm weirdly proud.

I have the heart of an ultramarathoner trapped in a body that has decided an ultramarathon is about four miles.

Last night I ran part of my run with a 2011 Lake Placid IRONMAN, which I'm pretty sure makes me an Ironman by osmosis.

After a 21 mile bike ride, the psoas muscle in the only muscle that sounds how it feels.

Because I'm feeling generous, here are some more pics from my modeling portfolio.
 Check out my first 5K.  My hands looked like that the entire time.

Look at that face.  You are welcome.

Have a happy weekend y'all.  Pray for me as I am being attacked by leeches rocking my first triathlon.  See you Monday!


  1. I am SO proud of you, in the "I hope I can make the same kind of exercise commitment" way!!!! I remember when i first began running and the song that would run through my head was the refrain from one of Sandi Patti's songs: "There is strength in the name of the Lord...there is power in the name of the Lord...and there is hope in the name of the Lord...blessed is He who comes, in the name of the Lord..." I may have that all out of order, but the point is it got me up many hills! I pray God speaks to you the WHOLE time and you feel Him carry you through this physical accomplishment and it feeds your spiritual soul :) Love you girl!!!

  2. You are going to be AWESOME and I can't wait to hear all about it! (Yes, even the leeches!)


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