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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And I was like, "Baby, Baby, Baby, ohhh" - The Biebs

Because the world needs more selfies of me and Lauren.
My bestie is having a baby. She has an adorably round belly and is due in June and I'm so happy for her I could squeal. (I did, in fact, squeal when she told me which is how everyone in my house knew she was pregnant before I got off the phone with her.)

I asked if I could throw her a shower back in January sometime without thinking that I'm not really gifted in the art of party throwing. No worries, it turns out that a ton of people love Lauren and wanted to help, so before I knew it I was co-hosting with Lauren's sister-in-law who also has a job as an event planner. I got several phone calls from other friends/Lauren's family who wanted to do all the decorating, make the cake, and supply the party favors. Oh, and Katie (Lauren's sister-in-law) had it at her house. So, really, the shower I threw Lauren went off without a hitch.

I can't help but think this was all really for the better, because before I had any help I spent hours scouring Pinterest to find the best baby shower ideas available. I pinned quite a few gems.


Um, *yeah* that's Sperm Cornhole.

Pin the Sperm to the Uterus. Obviously.
Also, Eve is getting close to the age where we need to have The Talk, so this game could also be used as an educational tool - like a visual aid - that she could discuss in therapy someday.


I can totally picture Lauren feeding her baby in Somerset Mall using these.

Every girl needs a perfect pregnancy t-shirt

In the end I was only really in charge of some supplies, half the food, games, and prizes. Since Lauren's car broke down on the way to the shower (awwwwwesome) we only played one game in the interest of time. Sadly, it was not Sperm Cornhole. (That is a phrase I never thought I would utter.)(Like, ever.)(And now that's twice in one blog post.)(I'm weirdly proud that happened.)

The shower was a success. I was really glad to see some old friends (old in that I've known them forever, *not* that we are aged.) and we took a group shot of the girls fifteen a few years after our glory days. (Glory days = having an entire conversation without stopping to cut up food for a toddler or changing a diaper.)

Lauren, Katie, Yours Truly, Rosie, Mary, and Jackie.
Weird that we are all barely 25, right?

One of my favorite moments of the baby shower was standing on the porch in heels going over deadlift form with Rosie. We even borrowed Katie's broom to get Rosie's back in the proper alignment while I waxed poetic about my undying affection for Elliott Hulse. Other highlights included:

- having Lauren sit in the squishiest chair possible for present opening, mainly so that when she had to get out of the chair it counted as both her cardio and strength training for the day.

(*story for free* Whenever I'm pregnant Brian thinks it's hilarious to play a game he calls "Turtle". "Turtle" is played by pushing me onto my back and laughing hysterically while I struggle to right myself.)(Marriage is'all.)

- manipulating Lauren's husband into going to get my car from down the street because I didn't want to walk half a block in my heels after the shower was over. This was accomplished by asking, "David? Do you want to do something really chivalrous for me?"

- getting to snuggle Mary's new baby while feeling my ovaries explode and uttering sweetly to him, "You are so adorable and I am done having babies." I'm pretty sure it was really self-talk used to convince myself that I am done having babies.

I'm so happy for Lauren. I can't wait to meet her sweet Deborah Rose!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! I am DYING with tears rolling down my face at those shower games. You slay me!!

    Glad it was a fun day!!


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