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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Brain Dump and the Apocalypse

Approximately five times a day Brian does something both hilarious and inappropriate and then smirks, "Put *that* in your blog."  This is maddening and is one of the few things that makes me wish I blogged anonymously.  Because then? All bets are off, Babe.

I tried on nine pairs of shorts at Plato's Closet yesterday.  Plato's Closet is a used clothing store for teens and 34 year old SAHM's who have lost 100 pounds who want to update their wardrobe for cheap.  As my weight has dropped I find I'm more interested in fashion, and Plato's Closet allows me to try new styles without a big monetary commitment.  My newest discovery is that among the young adult crowd, the most popular accessory to go with shorts is your vagina.  I'm thinking of opening my own used clothing store where all the shorts are still hip without exposing you to too much of mine.  I'll call it "Not Too Hip".  I'm sure it'll take off.  That mess is marketing gold.

I went on a bike ride this morning on my new baby:

Selfie because everyone was still asleep.

Sarah helped me get it for my birthday and it is such an improvement on my old ride. (Which is a mountain bike that I still love for trail riding.  This is a road bike and is sooooo much lighter and a significantly smoother ride.  For those that speak cycling it has hybrid tires because I'm clumsy.)

Even though I chose those handlebars my left hand still started to tingle around mile ten (because the pressure plus my tendinitis can make my hands go numb), and when I waved to a car to give them the right of way it was like I had turned into a mannequin.  Or Miss America.  Either way my wave was awesomely stiff and I stared at my hand in wonderment as I tried to make a fist and giggled when I realized I probably looked really high to the average bystander.

The real reason for this post is that all you lovelies that follow me on Google Reader are about to LOSE ME FOREVER.  It's like the apocalypse for bloggers.  But you can follow me another way.  I've chosen Bloglovin' to keep track of all the blogs I follow.  You can do that, too.  You can also follow me on Facebook.  I update my Sublurban Mama status every time I post, so you can still keep up with all the vital life information I dole out regularly.  You're welcome.

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  1. LOL I LOVE the bit about the shorts!! It is so true. Girls may as well be walking around in their underwear. Thanks for giving me a good laugh this Sunday afternoon.

    1. I tried on one pair and my underwear were sticking out! WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?! Don't worry, you can totally shop at my store ;-)

  2. Hence the main reason I can't *won't* borrow Tata's shorts (oh and the fact that I can't quite get into them yet but that's a technicality lol) Love the new bike too

    1. You are SO CLOSE to being able to borrow Tata's shorts, but after this weekend I can see that you might need to settle for *knowing* you could wear them without actually doing it. Dude. So.short.

  3. Girl, shorts these days are ridiculous. And that may be the reason I only have 1 pair of athletic shorts (bike shorts excluded) and just wear skirts and dresses. How/why do they make plus size shorts with an inseam less than 5 inches?

    I have a Fuji too! I really like it(although I haven't been on a ride in a couple weeks - oops!)! You put a lot of miles in! I've done one 10 mile ride before and should do a couple more before I do a tri...speaking of, I'd better sign up for one today!


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