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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ain't no party like a cold and flu party 'cuz a cold and flu party don't stop

Someone stayed in bed all day yesterday wrapped in two cozy quilts with a space heater running while she moaned piteously every time a whiny child concerned family member stood outside the bedroom door demanding something voicing their concern over her well being.

She may have taken copious amounts of Aleve and Tylenol (don't ask why it's her cocktail of choice) and played unending rounds of Bejeweled Blitz on her iPad while her hubby took over the education of the offspring.

You know you are a mom when a day miserable in bed feels like vacation.

There may have also been some deep midday naps filled with awesome dreams that felt like starring in action movies.  And one dream heavily influenced by recent internet exposure.

(Conversation between the hubs and I after said dream:

Kelly:  I had a dream today we moved to Texas and I met Megan from that one blog I read and we worked out together and she taught me to love chevron.

Brian:  That's why they call them "dreams".

Kelly:  You know, dreams are just 'a goal without a plan'.

Brian:  Dreams are delusional pastimes by those who refuse to live in reality.

Kelly:  Way to crush my soul, Destroyer of All that is Fun.)

Actually, being sick is the one time I feel* it's physically beneficial to my body to eat a McFlurry for dinner.  So, thank you sore throat for justifying 670 calories of cold, soothing, wetness as a healing balm.

*"I feel" = "not necessary true at all".

(*Also, a rant for free = Why don't I ever get the puking-my-brains-out/lose-seven-pounds-in-two-days sickness?  I always get the your-throat-will-feel-so-much-better-if-there-is-constantly-something-sliding-against-it-as-long-as-it's-not-calorie-free-water sickness that makes me lay in bed and just gain weight.)(Also, did I just complain about not puking? Where is my brain?)

Yesterday I posted about the kids' rooms makeovers.  You saw Eve and Hosanna's room and clearly understood that I'm a SAHM and not an Extreme Makover: Home Edition designer by choice, and not because I haven't been in high demand for my ah-may-zing garbage picking finds. Here are some pictures of Esther and Ezra's room.  They went from a crib and a toddler bed to this:

Is that a BIG BOY BED?

Prints from Kenya from Grandma and Grandpa's last missionary trip.

A table and chairs Brian's dad made him as a little boy.

Mad organizational skillz.  Notice the same shoe organizer that Eve and Hosanna have? Don't fix what ain't broke, y'all.

Under the bed storage.  Two laundry baskets of dress up clothes, one laundry basket of dolls and stuffed animals.  And the IKEA rug that every home with children owns.

I have seriously happy kiddos with their new bedrooms.  And I am seriously happy I don't have to worry think about that project anymore.  Now ... what's next?


  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon! And you need to go all Disney on Brian's ass and tell him that "A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep." Sick burn. He'll probably need some aloe for that burn.

    1. I am so torn by your comment only because that would have been the BEST REPLY EVER and I totally dropped the ball. Now, if I go back to Brian with it, it won't have the same effect. Instead of the monster burn it will be more like a mosquito bite. Dude.

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