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Monday, May 5, 2014


So today I was going to write this super informative and helpful post about lifting and diet because I felt I owed it to everyone to write something of substance since I was MIA Friday.


My weekend was pretty awesome. Busy awesome. Friday night was Mom Busy (a.k.a. filled with Saturday errands because Saturday was filled with other happenings), Saturday was an all day women's retreat -without any kids!- where I got to spend tons of time with Sister Wife Rose and eat homemade guacamole, and Saturday night filled with bath time, laundry, and back episodes of the Blacklist. Sunday was the gym, church, baseball, working over at our rental house (which we are renaming the "Soon To Be Sold house"), and food prep while watching Ocean's Eleven on network television. (I am always impressed with the way they recreate the naughty words when they edit a movie for television. When I watch it's like a brainteaser for decoding swears.)

But the real reason there is no substantive post is seriously, can anyone even pretend to pay attention to anything today when I know we are all just counting down to Jack Bauer's return tonight on 24: Live Another Day?

(From just the previews I have concluded that my girl crush on Chloe is still well founded. Because not only is she still "Chloe", she has a tough girl look going on as well, which completely works for her.)(In unrelated news, I've composed my letter to Dirk Vermin from Bad Ink pleading my case for a tattoo redesign. As cool as it is, I really don't want to go the rest of my life with a broccoli tattoo in the middle of my back.)(Also, I've been searching Pinterest for haircuts.)(Because I'm .7 of a pound away from earning a haircut and eyebrow wax.)(For the sake of all humanity, pray I get it today. The Sasquatch Eyebrow look went out with crocs and socks but I am currently rocking it hardcore.)(Thank God for bangs.)

So friends, in conclusion, stay strong. 8:00 p.m. will come soon enough.


  1. Hmmmmm I didn't have any super duper informative post...and I wasn't counting down Jack's return. Maybe I'm just sick! ha ha ha

    1. Well, you are *totally* welcome that you now know to count down to Jack's return. I would hate it if you missed out on this monumental part of history ;-)

  2. I remember my husband and I religiously watching every episode of 24 the year it first came out. What a great show it was!! Unfortunately, it was just TOO hard to keep up with (granted, I believe this was back in the days before DVRs), and we decided to forego it. Plus, that awful surprise ending at the end of season 1 left a bad taste in my mouth. :/

    However, I definitely understand the draw and support all those who will watch! Enjoy!

    Hope you lose that .7 today!!

    1. I neeeeeeed my eyebrows done so badly, so thank you!

      We were faithful watchers up until the end (even though the last few seasons kind of jumped the shark). But my love for Jack and Chloe forgave the awful parts and I can't wait for tonight!


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