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Thursday, May 22, 2014

And that's why I married him

Scene: It is late last night. Brian has just returned from a Bible study at Panera. I am sitting on the couch, averting my eyes in shame.

Kelly: Babe, I need to say something.

Brian: *totally nervous* Um, yeah?

Kelly: I just ate EVERYTHING. I had a totally bad day and the kids were awful and both my workouts sucked and I came home from the gym and all the chores were still left AND I'M TOTALLY PMS-ING and I can't even talk about all the food I just put in my body especially all the ice cream. *sniffles a little bit*

Brian: Well-

Kelly: *completely interrupts* and I'm just so mad because this is the first time I've binged during this whole thing. I mean, my Mexican Feast was a decided upon bad choice - it was almost like it was premeditated - and Easter was a bunch of small bad choices but all limited to meals. Tonight I just ATEALLTHEJUNK. I wasn't even really hungry; I just ate because I was mad. And it didn't make me happy at all.

Brian: I know the supportive husband in me should feel so bad because you've been working so hard for so long, but my first honest thought was, "YES! Maybe she'll get her boobs back."

Kelly: *laughs* *smacks him upside the head* *uses the opportunity to ask for a Mommy Makeover again*

Marriage, ya'll.


  1. That was so not the common I was expecting from him. He's awesome!

    No big deal, just move on. Because you're awesome too!

    1. Imma definitely keep him ;-)

      As for the food, it's always a new day tomorrow, right? Thanks, Steph!

  2. Hey I think we may have been the same person last night..except my food of choice was mini powdered doughnuts! ugh

    1. OHMYLANTA mini powdered doughnuts are AMAZING. The only thing better is NOT MINI powdered doughnuts ;-)

  3. That is exactly what my husband would say! Hahaha! (And what I would say in return.)

    1. Marriage has to be fun, right? You sound like an awesome couple ;-)


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