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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Cottage Vacation to recover from my California Vacation

Never has a Friday felt less like a Friday in my  I don't even mind because the reason this Friday feels so crazy is that it is the last (okay, let's be honest - only) prep day I have before the Great Cottage Get-Away of 2013.

Today I will be doing all the laundry, packing a week's worth of crap for four kiddos and myself, and stuffing beach/cottage gear wherever it will fit in the Ford Flex.  Because we are a charming food allergy family, I will also be making a last minute trip to Whole Foods to buy $10 allergen-free marshmallows so Hosanna can have s'mores because I care about her childhood.  I will also make a pit stop at the bike shop because Eve's back tire completely blew out on our trip to Target yesterday*.

*If you ever think, "Dude, it's so gorgeous out right now.  It's normally so much fun to take four kids to Target, but I bet that trip could be improved upon vastly if we got there solely by the propulsion of our own bodies. A two mile round trip ain't nothin' to a three year old, right?" Quickly remind yourself THAT IS THE WORST IDEA EVER.  While you might tweak that original idea after remembering that you will have carry your purchases home (by adding a wagon for the little ones and allowing your older kiddos to ride their bikes) you will still come stumbling home after TWO HOURS and offer chocolate chip cookies for lunch because mom is now officially insane.

(**Also, an extra peek into my life for free:  I actually said this to my three year old: "Buddy, you don't need your pacifier!  You are a BIG BOY.  Now lay down and sleep because when you wake up we will go to Target and BUY YOU DIAPERS*."

*shut up.  I know he's three.  We are apparently following the "Potty Trained Before High School" Program.

Also, I'm pretty sure he's a genius because my logic of, "no pacifiers because they are all gone" was quickly refuted with the idea "Target has plenty of pacifiers and we are already going there for diapers ..." except he's three and has apraxia so it sounded more like, "Buy nuk-ers Target!")

All this is to say it's been a busy few days.  And since this will be my last post for a week or so, I'm leaving you with some highlights from last year's Great Cottage Get-Away.

*To read about the time LEECHES ATTACKED US, click here.  It's filled with stellar advice and could probably save your life, so really, for your own health and safety, consider what I'm offering you here.

*You can read about how I MEDALED IN THE HAIR OLYMPICS by clicking here.

*To read about  VACATION RUNS (not a blog about poop, promise), click here.

Also? Brian can't come to the cottage this time *insert super sad face* and will be home so burgle us at your own risk.  I will be sans internet for a week, so see y'all Monday, August 5th!


  1. I think chocolate chip cookies are a perfectly acceptable summer son had goldfish for breakfast the other day (the crackers, not the real thing).

    Have a fantastic vacay!!!! Wishing you lots of great weather!

    1. My children would wholeheartedly agree with you about the cookies ;-)

  2. LOLOL!! Hope you're having a great vacation!!

    1. Thanks, Steph! It was a good time!


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