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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Most INSPIRATIONAL Fitness Friday in the History of the World. Officially.

I'm not gonna lie.  I weighed in at 156 today.  That is a turr-ble number, which causes a turr-ble feeling, because my goal is 148 by Christmas and that ain't gonna happen unless I get the stomach flu.  (Also, I totally don't want the stomach flu, Jesus.  Please and thank you.)(And Santa, if you are thinking of bringing it to my house, well, our chimney has wasps.  Go ahead and try.) 

Honestly, I'm happy I've maintained my three pound Disney World loss, because Christmas time food opportunities are no joke.  It's not even that we have that much crap around our house (we don't; I caught Brian eating marshmallows the other day because we have nothing good lying around, poor husband of a Wife who Needs to be Careful All the Time), it's simply that we have so many extra "food" events that I have not been handling responsibly.  I'm not bingeing, but I am not restraining myself, either.*  But I am maintaining in the month of December, and I'm going to focus on that.

*Wednesday was one of the most delicious days of my life.  I took the kiddos to the mall during the day.  (It's sad to me when Santa needs a sponsor, but apparently the Ice Age movie franchise is paying him well enough to include it's movie themed interactive wait in line and continually falling rice paper snow before you even see Santa.  Which guarantees my  kiddos will want to see Ice Age ASAP.  Jokes on you, Ice Age, I got it at the library for free.  Snap. However, they are not paying him so much that he thinks it's wrong to forbid you to take your own picture but charge you a price-gouging $21 for a 4x6 print. Whatever, Santa.  Thanks for the Ice Age notebook give-away.)  We ate Sbarro for lunch (admittedly, horrible food) but I had some of the white pizza with broccoli and red pepper and it was really good.  Or I was really hungry.  Probably both.

That night Brian and I went on a real date with Other Adults.  These Other Adults have grown children, which made it so we didn't even talk about potty-training once. We ate at an Italian restaurant that Jerry and Nancy picked out, and since they are Really Italian I figured it would be good.  Brace yourselves; I had calamari. (Seriously I did, Mom.) I never, ever eat seafood.  Like, ever.  I've been trying to challenge myself and nothing says "outside my comfort zone" quite like tentacles.  I also had Linguine Carbonara and it was (in your best sing-song falsetto) *ah-may-zing*. My mouth is watering in memory.  Because I totally finished it for breakfast lunch. 

In other news, my calf is still healing.  I've been swimming and doing the elliptical, but each time my calf reacts the next day.  I'm going to try to ride the most boring contraption known to man stationary bike at my next workout to see how that goes.  I've been doing a lot of lifting and also the Plank Challenge. Today's time:  

Just in case you missed it, that's TWO MINUTES AND FORTY-ONE SECONDS in plank position.
I found this video on the internets and it makes me cry every. single. time. y'all.  Watch it.  This man ... I dare you to tell me you can't after you've seen this.

(And my personal addendum: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13.)


  1. I cried like a baby during that video! I LOVE yoga and desperately need to get back into it. When I was doing it every day, I've never been so fit, flexible, and strong in my life. But good for you, maintaining! I really want to lost about 40 lbs, but it's not gonna happen until after the New Year. Between 3 road trips, a wedding, office cookie exchange, oh, and two Christmases, well, let's just say that I see a lot of mismanaged choices in my future. Not bingeing, like you said, but not really controlled either. Alas!

    1. I think the back to reality of January is going to be tough for a lot of people ... but I'll enjoy my "meh" choices until then. The yoga thing though, I totally hear you. I'm giving my calf one more week and then doing a really gentle return to class.

  2. As I'm downing my *second* Krispy Kreeme doughnut....

    1. Did I mention the day Brian brought home ONE DOZEN freshly baked Krispy Kreme's ... ? TORTURE.

  3. That was awesome. Thank you for sharing.


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