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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Part Two

"I pray it doesn't come to hand-to-hand
combat.  But that sock monkey jack in
the box is mine."
Welcome to the conclusion of the Operation: Black Friday super secret (civilian) military report.

Yesterday you left me at my Black Friday breakfast, happily ingesting carbs and sugar as I read celebrity gossip with my feet on the opposite bench of my booth.  (It was a good place to leave me, no?)

My next stop was Meijer.  (Yes, for the second time.) For those that live outside the vicinity of the Michigan region of the Midwest, Meijer is a 24 hour one stop shopping experience.  You can buy groceries, furniture, clothes, fine jewelry*, small kitchen appliances, toys, pets, and crafting items all in the same store.  It's a wonderland.

The Meijer BF sale did not start until 6:00 a.m., but since the store is open 24 hours I was free to fill my cart and be ready to check out exactly when the sale started.  Time is money, Dude.

I bought a bulk variety pack of Play-doh for $7, $3 My Little Pony, 50% off slippers (for me), and also most of Hosanna's Christmas toys.  This is probably because the week earlier I brought Hosanna with me on an errand to Meijer and we walked up and down the toy aisle.  I took note of what she got excited about.  It was like a stealth spy mission.  I was gathering intelligence y'all.

I didn't even take this picture.  Someone
out in the internets went to Meijer, took
this picture, and posted it simply because
they knew I would use it for this blog.
Meijer also had New Balance trail runners for $36.  My running shoes are pretty pricey, so I wanted a shoe for when I went to the gym for classes, lifting, or non-running cardio. I've been most thankful for these since they've been my go-to shoe since I suffered that traumatic leg injury pulled my calf muscle sprinting like an Olympian.  I also bought all the food Christmas stocking items here.  (Because The Clipboard was itemized down to finite details like "Milky Way x2" - for both Eve and Esther, and "Coke in a glass bottle" - for Brian who never reads this blog even though he says he does.)

Family Christian is a local Christian shop where I got Eve some books and some really cheap videos as stocking stuffers.  I also bought cards in which to place gift cards for my favorite cashiers at Meijers (where I do all my grocery shopping).  For eleven years these women have been consistently cheerful and have incredible spacial skills (which I really appreciate if one is bagging my groceries).

JCP is a loser.
JC Penney was the last big store before I hit the "onesies".  (Those are the stores you run in for one or two items.)  I was really disappointed in JCP this year.  The deals weren't that great.  They had really misleading signage, as well.  "30% Off Entire Store!" and then in teensy letters "select items only".  The problem was they never indicated exactly what was on sale.  (I hate their new "no sale" system anyway.)  I bought a few gifts, and also some really comfy yoga pants.  JCP = Meh.

After JCP I sneaked home to shower and unload the first round of shopping.  It was around 8:00 a.m. Then it was back to the battlefield for the onesies.

Pop goes the weasel, Playa.

Here are the onesies in no particular order:
Payless - low ankle boots and moccasins for under $30 total.
Hobby Lobby - sparkle scissors.
Plato's Closet - two shirts, a purse, and a necklace - $17
Dollar Store - home decorations, candy for Hosanna's stocking (b/c she is allergic to corn syrup - whaaaa?)
Fast Food - I went to two places for Christmas stocking gift cards
Radio Shack - sport ear buds for $15

Honestly, I'm getting tired just writing this.

After the onesies I met Sarah for lunch at Panera.  It was 11:00 a.m. so we beat the lunch rush.  I had a delightful bowl of black bean soup and half of a panini.  (Also filled with black beans.)(I would be the most gastronomically fun person later that day.)

I had one simple stop left after lunch - a second trip to Target to finalize all gifts.  I probably bought Ezra a bow tie.  A navy blue and lime green bow tie.  And that alone was worth the second trip.

I got home (for good) at around 1:45.  I was tired.  Really tired.  But I was finished.  Here is me appreciating our new Christmas tree on Black Friday evening. (I might be completely cashed out in my new jammies and wrapped in not one but two cozy quilts.)

Brian took this picture probably planning to use it as blackmail.  Good thing I have no shame.
There you have it, folks.  Operation: Black Friday.  I'm thankful I can say, "Mission: Accomplished."

*fine jewelry = their description.

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  1. Wow. This is crazy impressive. I love lists. Maybe this is where I've been going wrong all along! I've never taken a clipboard shopping!


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