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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking the Zombie Trend a Liiiiiiittle Too Far - A.K.A. My Husband is Unbalanced

I just wanted to update you on Brian's condition. For those unaware, last Thursday evening the hubs started to get dizzy. By Friday morning, he could not walk or open his eyes due to vertigo and the resulting nausea. He has since seen a few doctors (wildly unhelpful doctors) and a chiropractor (much more helpful), and, through the power of social media and with great friends, we've managed to get him an appointment with a private therapist that specializes in vestibular rehabilitation. This appointment will take place this evening, so I'm hoping for some improvement in his condition after today.

(*We have seen some improvement since Friday by doing the Epley Maneuver at home, and with two chiropractic appointments. Brian went from 3 days of sleeping 22+ hours a day to being more awake on Monday. On Tuesday he could read and even study a bit. He still walks like he's drunk, so I'm a bit sad he's not actually feeling great, otherwise I could mess with him tremendously.)

Besides his health and well-being, we are a bit concerned with work. He is filing the paperwork for short-term disability because 80% of his job is driving around in a huge truck. Since he is unable to drive, he is unable to work. Also, he is unable to DO THE DISHES, which I am really concerned about.

Some Pollyanna Moments in all this include:

1. Brian has been able to obtain a laptop in order to study in bed (because remember that he just went back to school?!).

2. Although I'm not comfortable leaving him alone with the kids, he is being a fantastic dad and giving lots of cuddles and snuggles while he's down for the count.

3. I finally have the practical joke upper hand in our relationship. I'm waiting until he feels just a little bit better before I make any moves.

4. We have an excuse to slow the heck down. I just wish it wasn't the week we had perfect cider mill weather. #haveyoueverhadaciderslushie?

Other Non-Related Happiness

1. I got new running shoes. I exchanged them for a smaller pair after running a 10k. I'll update you on New Running Shoes 2.0 once I run in them. (Because I know that's the update you'll really want, because forget Brian and his "balance issues".)

2. I baked some unbelievable Snickerdoodle bread because stress eating.

3. I'm seeing, yet again, how amazing my friends are as they respond to our crisis mode. Much thanks and love go out to them all.

Thanks for the grace as we deal with Brian's health. Talk to y'all as soon as I can.


  1. Brian is an honorary member of my team at work called STAT, we operate under the leadership of GV, who is also affectionately known as Gerbear. Anyway, I hope he feels better, sending healing energy your way! lslags

    1. Thanks, L. We are praying for your healing as well! I've been following your blog; sorry things are slightly down after having some good reports. I hope you kick the cold soon (as well as that pesky little cancer thing, sheesh)

  2. yikes is right....sorry to hear he's going through this, hope it's getting better every day....


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