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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless* Wednesday

*if you don't count the intro or any captions or disclaimers I may add.

I feel like I've been a bit absent lately.  I didn't post last Friday, and I haven't been able to keep up with/ comment on any of my favorite blogs.  I'm hoping this week settles the heck down.  Seriously.

Here are some pics to update you on all the exciting things going on.  I'll start with the basement.  (Which flooded Thursday.)(Again.)(I know.) I took these pictures back in November when I was motivated to clean and have a triumphant "Before/After = Look At How Amazing I Am At Cleaning" post.


Just remember, however you judge me Jesus is gonna judge you. Think about it, son.

Don't hate.  You know you wish you had Mickey and pals on your basement walls.

For those of you who are questioning my self-proclaimed organization prowess, please note there are paths.

Then, a sort of utopian middle ground, taken Friday night.  Should I call this "During"?

"Kelly, whaaa?  Dang, gurl, where's all your crap?"
Please note the fans, mop, and bucket.  

Aaaand After:

"Um, wow.  You think maybe you took that cleaning thing a little too far? I mean, I think the walls are supposed to stay." Normally I'd agree with you.  Generally I like to keep the walls up when I clean.  I make exceptions for the BLACK MOLD we uncover when we discover the root of years of leaking. Don't worry, at this point we are bringing in the professionals.  But Mickey is sadly evicted. 

So that was Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday.

This is a picture of me.

This is me sitting in my car.  
On Saturday.  
At around 8:30 a.m. 

This is about the same time I should have been conquering mile three of my 10k.
In another city.
Miles away.

"Kel, what the heck happened?"

Double ear infections.
Damp weather.

(Also, I finally started treating my double ear infections.  Apparently I've only seen amoxicillin given to infants because when I went to pick up my prescription I was all, "Where's my pink liquid?!")

This is a picture of the spider that attacked my face late Sunday night.

Do you see it on my kitchen window sill?  Imagine that it is 11:00 p.m. and you are shutting the house down for the night.  All the lights are off except for the light over the stove which is illuminating this spider that is brazenly parked in your kitchen.  Your hubby, who is formally charged with killing things like this, is already in bed, so the task falls to you, oh Brave One, to save your family from this arachnid.  You reach for a paper that is sitting on the "needs to go to the recycle bin" pile and use it to whack the creature with all your might.  The creature ricochets off the paper and hits you in the face and you scream like a little girl but not too loud because all the kids are asleep and Dear God, don't let anyone wake up.
Upon closer inspection, you see that the spider is really this:
I think it's pretty rude, Random Screw Being Kept on the Window Sill By My Husband Just in Case We Need it for Something Someday, to pretend to be a spider.  Also, because I am a responsible adult, I keep band aids in my purse for when I scrape my hand on a chair at Bible study.  Because I am a mom, that is why it is a Dora band aid.  Also, the screw is balancing on my hand in the weirdest position possible because Hosanna was my art director for this shot and this is how she posed me (so we could include the band aid.)(You try to fight an eight year old with artistic vision.)

And finally, to end on a sweet note:

Vegan Strawberry Cobbler, yo.
On Friday night our friends Asako and Derek dropped by to give me ice cream sandwiches, a pineapple, and two pounds of strawberries because they knew I've been sick.  How awesome is that?!  It made me feel soooo loved, and it was all delicious. (I love me some pineapple.) Everyone in my house was super excited to put the strawberries to use in some cobbler. (Because of Hosanna's allergies she can't have fresh strawberries but she can have them cooked.  She is also allergic to milk and eggs so everything we bake is vegan.) I hope you appreciate this picture, because at this point all that's left of that cobbler is the sweet memory.

There ya go.  I think my Wordless Wednesday totally lived up to it's name. Now I'm off to read some blogs.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh Kelly! I pray God uses your ability to TYPE humor of hard circumstances and translate it into peace of your soul!!!! Finding mold??? Not comforting, but somehow, He's going to use this process!!

    And you know, I fully support ending a post with dessert...that's the way to go my friend :)

    1. Thanks Megan! I just have to keep trusting.

      I always think of you when I bake :)

  2. As usual, thanks for some great smiles this morning :) If I had a blog I am sure my wordless wednesdays would be just as wordless ;) Looks like you will be getting a new basement! And I would totally have killed that spider too. We have been growing some spiders on steroids over here and my hubby is inconveniently unavailable every time I come across another :(

    1. Thanks, Jamie! I keep missing you on Tuesdays! New basement sometime in the future, I'm clinging to all the positives I can. And I think the spiders are drinking the same milk we all are because dude, they.are.huge!

  3. I LOVE vegan baking! Big fan. Big, big fan. Here's one you should try:

    Also, sorry about your ears and basement. They both sound uncomfortable. But you're not alone in your amoxicillin reaction - they prescribed it for me last year and that was my first question, too - "So, you're putting me on that pink, bubblegum medicine?"

    Because in my mind, I should be medicated as if I am a large, unruly toddler.

    1. Have you familiar with Thug Kitchen on Tumbler? Ohmyword, you need to check it out. Are you vegan? How did I miss that?

    2. ARE YOU ON TUMBLR??!!??!! Find me!

      Also, not vegan anymore, but I LOVE vegan baking. It feels less guilt-laden to me.

      And I am a follower of and followed by Thug Kitchen, which cracks me up daily!

  4. OMG my husband leaves random screws on the windowsill as well, we never have a clew what they belong to, but if he finds one, he has to save it!!

    Hope your basement troubles are over...

    1. It must be a guy thing, huh? I'm like, "Dude, screws are like a quarter if we need to replace one. We are really going to hold on to this?!"


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