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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Daughter's Love

(Update on Important Happenings:  Wednesday was our first class post-The Great Yoga Brawl of 2013. I was not disappointed.  The first ten minutes were fairly reminiscent of my middle school conversations, peppered with expressions of "No way!",  and "then I go, 'it was completely uncool of her to say that' ...", (all said in a Valley Girl like tone of voice which was weird seeing as most of us are from southeast Michigan and the closest we've been to the Valley is watching Clueless in our youth) as Natalie recapped the situation from her perspective and also let us in on the official reprimanding from the fitness center.

Here's what went down post-throwdown.  Natalie received three calls from different superiors over the weekend to address the "gross disagreement she and another instructor engaged in" and while she conceded with each call that "she totally went over her class time and so felt bad about that," it was also "completely not cool to be treated like a little kid in front of her class. Totally not cool."

In the end no one really got into any trouble, but I noticed out of the corner of my eye, as we lay in corpse pose towards the end of our class, the door slowly open and a staff member from the fitness center come in.  She stood quietly while we wrapped things up and I realized they totally sent a bouncer to handle the class transition.

In case you missed that - my yoga has security. The title remains - Best Yoga Class Ever.

The actual transition was seamless,  mainly because in true middle school fashion both Natalie and the other instructor fake smiled at each other and were overly sweet with every verbal exchange.  What a let down.)

And now onto today's regularly scheduled programming.

Ever since my double ear infections, I've been a bit wary of swimming because of the potential for water in my ear.  But because I am a super hardcore athlete, I've pushed aside that fear in order to enter the water and continue my tri training. (Which is going swimmingly, thank you.)

On Monday, however, that fear was realized and I came home from the pool in need of ear drops.  I came in the house, dropped my stuff, and told the clamoring horde of children that always bum rush the door and ask for things whenever I step inside from any kind of absence (dude, seriously, can't some other adult - like maybe the one who has been home with you for the last hour and a half - pour you some milk/change your diaper/check your math/braid your hair so I can step all the way into the house?) that I would be back in a second because I needed to fix my ear.

This is the conversation that followed with my sweet five year old.

Esther: Hey Mama, why does your ear feel funny?
Kelly: I got water in it while I was swimming.
Esther: What will happen?
Kelly: To my ear? Nothing.  I'll put some drops in it and I'll be fine.
Esther: So you won't die?

*Oh my word, is she really worried that I'll die and she'll be left without me? That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.  I love this kid so freaking much.  I need to reassure her.*

Kelly: Nope, Mama will be just fine.  I'm not planning on dying anytime soon, kiddo.
Esther: (voice rising in both volume, speed, and excitement) Oh, because if you died Papa could get married and I could have a STEPMOM!

Totally glad she was worried about me.

A stepmom would probably let her wear this to church.


  1. you are the funniest blogger!! Why don't YOU let her wear that to church...I dare you! She'd be the happiest kid there!!

    Yoga class sounds hilarious! Sounds like that other instructor raised a big stink...what is with women?

    1. I know, right? I think sometimes we are all still stuck in 7th grade :)

      I would be Esther's favorite mom in the entire world if she could wear that to church.

  2. I'm rolling right now. Your kid might be almost as funny as you!

    1. I'll be sure to let her know, she'll be thrilled. I'll also remind her that she got her sense of humor from me and *not* from any stepmom ;-)


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