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Monday, January 6, 2014

Don't worry, I survived.

There are people in this world that have never seen a real snowflake. They probably made one out of a coffee filter in elementary school art class, or have eaten a snow cone from the county fair (suddenly they live in Mayberry because county fair?), or have grand illusions of the experience of building a snowman. But guess what? These people don't come from Michigan. In Michigan it snows almost every single year. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. Regardless of the amount, Michiganders are no strangers to snow fall.

This is where I need to ask: Michigan, what. the. heck?

A big storm was predicted to hit Sunday. We were to expect anywhere from 6-12 inches of the white stuff in about a 24 hour period. I usually grocery shop on Saturday morning, so on Saturday morning I took Hosanna with me to the store, expecting a regular shopping day and OHMYLANTA.

Everyone in Southeastern Michigan was panicking about Snowmageddon 2014 doing their shopping as well. Brian went back to our grocery store later that day to pick up one little thing and took these pictures with his cell phone.

When it all hits the fan, I hope you don't need pre-sliced vegetables.
Or potatoes.

There is now a black market for bagged salad greens.

After all that roughage, you're certainly going to want to be prepared for the end result.

In case you are wondering, we did get the snow. It snowed all day Sunday. Thankfully, we had a delicious salad for dinner because I was prepared.

Today we are planning to make a snow fort in the front yard like rednecks, eat some snow ice cream, and probably screen Monsters University for the bazillionth time. Happy Snow Day, Midwest!


  1. Oh, honey. It's even worse in Kentucky. My comrades react the same way as yours.... only with 1-2 inches of snow predicted. Yikes.

    Enjoy your redneck pastimes. I happen to love snow forts.

    But... I'm a Kentuckian. So......

    1. It was honestly too cold to go outside (-10 before the wind chill factor -- what?) so we brought some snow inside to the kitchen table. It melted too quickly to play with, but at least the snow ice cream was meh. (Well, it was decidedly less "meh" with the addition of enough sprinkles and whipped cream.) Stay warm, Katie!

  2. How much snow did you end up with Kelly? We got about 14 or so inches

    1. That sounds about right for us. It was hard to tell with all the wind and snow drifts, but 14 inches seems a good average. As soon as it warms up the kiddos and Brian build a luge course in the front yard. Because that's not WT at all ;-)

  3. WOW I feel like a giant jerk now, as I sit here and complain that it's 75 degrees in January and where is winter?? Guess you guys used it all up...and yes you may proceed to kill me now lol :)

    1. Did you see Jimmy Kimmel's video compilation of all the southern California weathermen when you guys had a cold spell? It kills me every time. Soak up some sun for me :)


  4. I can't believe that grocery store!!! That is hilarious.....I know we've been getting more snow than maybe the last few years, but it hasn't been that bad (of course, I'm not in Michigan, but I figure Canada is close enough to compare!) Glad you survived, and there is nothing wrong with a snow fort...not redneck at all, just lots of fun!


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