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Monday, February 4, 2013

Case of the Mondays: No habla Espanol

Confession:  My children refer to Super Bowl Sunday as "the day we get to eat." Now before you call CPS because apparently I don't ever feed the kiddos chill the heck out.  They are simply accrediting game time to the unsupervised nosh fest that is tradition in our home every SBS.

The highlight of the game for me was my third chocolate chip cookie when two of my children wrestled on the floor and the t.v. remote became an unintentional participant.  This resulted in the t.v. spontaneously only speaking in Spanish, which resulted in the fastest grown adult freak out panic you've ever seen because Beyonce was about to perform.  While we were waiting for the English to be restored (because HURRY!  THIS IS 'MURICA!) this video is a bit what the game was like for me.  Here is some more goodness from the fine folks at Bad Lip Reading.

P.S. My commercial viewing was sporadic as we had little kids in the room and frequently switched to the Snow Channel* due to "inappropriate content", so of the commercials I saw I loved the Dodge farmers commercial, the Doritos goat commercial (because OMG did you see that one part with the face and the noise?), and the Labatt Blue commercial with the bear, "C-A-N-A-D-Eh".  What others ones should I youtube today?

*Snow channel - the fuzz you get when you have no reception because you have no cable and it's the year 2013.  Part of me wants to give you Brian's email so you can protest directly on my behalf.  I mean, I shouldn't have to watch Hoarders on my tiny computer screen like some kind of barbarian. #firstworldproblems


  1. I agree. You should get to watch Hoarders on a television, proudly, like the grown-ass lady you are.

    Is it wrong that Beyonce's performance made me want to marry her?

    1. Since I have you strongly in my corner for this one, I will be forwarding you Brian's email address. He will thank me. Someday.

      I heard our girl sing the National Anthem at a press conference (after the inauguration "scandal") and cried my eyes out. She can SANG.


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