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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keep Your Wishes Burning

During the Great Cottage Get Away of 2013, Grandma thought it would be a fun activity to launch some Chinese lanterns with all the grandchildren.  She told them all to think of four wishes, and to dedicate one wish per lantern.  This is how that happened.

It's like Heaven opened up to participate in an evening filled with childlike wonderment.

A flurry of excitement as the children wait for the lantern to rise.

THERE! Flying peacefully away over the serenity of Lake Huron.

Our wishes could find their way to Canada, eh?

The delight on innocent faces.

W-w-what?  I don't think that's supposed to- ARGH!  IT'S PLUMMETING TO THE DEEP ABYSS BELOW!

There goes Hosanna's dream of a pony.

Those lanterns must have been made by Snoop Lion, because they all went up in smoke. All four of them. So, you know, that flame was chronic.

Sorry, those of you who were counting on my wishes ushering in world peace.


  1. BAHAHA!

    When we were at the cabin on the 4th of July, we floated a Chinese lantern. It was so fun to watch that we decided to send up another one the next night. After approximately 10 minutes of trying to get it to leave the ground (and several near misses on burnt arms), it finally started to rise. But the wind picked up and pushed it right into the tree next to the cabin. A few leaves caught on fire and we all just watched it smolder nervously from below. Thank goodness it didn't start the whole tree (or cabin) ablaze because we were too drunk to respond effectively! :)

    1. I was all, "This is so sweet!" and then I was all, "Thank God we are doing this over a lake!" Lol - I'm glad you all survived your "fiery" 4th ;-)

  2. I've just found your blog...and I've read through it and have lurked for the last few weeks or so. You NEVER fail to make me chuckle! Sorry about the loss of world peace. I now know who to blame! ha ha ha

    1. Welcome! And you should totally blame my mom about world peace. ;-) Better lanterns = a changed world ... right?


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