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Friday, August 23, 2013

Bangin' Weekend

First, a new 'do.

I totally committed to the heavy bang after many half-hearted "wispy" attempts. Turns out going all-out was the way to go. This is the first time in 34 years I don't have Bang Remorse. And? It's also cute as heck in a ponytail. Finally a win for the Mommy Survival 'Do.

Also, it's Friday which means I am one day closer to an(other) amazing adventure. (Seriously, this summer has seemed like one crazy trip after another, right?) On Saturday night I am packing myself up and driving (through the night) five and a half hours to ... Louisville, Kentucky. Why Louisville? Well, Sarah, my triathlon training partner extraordinaire, is doing this tiny little race you may have heard of. It's called

Ohmylanta I am so excited. I will witness Sarah compete with thousands of athletes to undertake one of the cuh-raziest feats of physical testing in the world. For those not familiar with the Ironman triathlon, Sarah will be swimming 2.4 miles in the Ohio River (around 4200 yards or forty-two football fields), followed by 112 miles on her bike (I don't even need to put that in layman's terms, do I?), and capping it all off with a little 26.2 mile run. Or, as some people call it, "a marathon".  

I have to arrive before 5:00 a.m. on race day because that's when the city streets start to shut down. I hope to arrive at Sarah's hotel in time to drop my stuff in her room before she heads out at 4:30 a.m. to fully set up at transition. (Also, maybe take a nap and/or shower.) The race has a rolling wave start, so it could take a long time for Sarah to actually get in the water. Once there, she has two hours and twenty minutes to complete her swim.

I'm meeting up with Sarah's family, friends, and coworkers who are also making the trip, and we will vary our spectating places to be able to cheer her on twice during the bike, and a few more times during the run. But mostly I want to be there when she finishes and they announce her as an "IRONMAN". I have my guesses to when she will finish (based on both of her 1/2 Ironman times) but she officially has seventeen hours to finish this race. (Can we stop and contemplate being fully engaged in grueling physical activity for SEVENTEEN hours?)

If you are wondering who won the whole stinkin' 2012 Louisville Ironman, it was none other that this guy, right here:

That's PAT FREAKING EVOE. (Hey, any KHS graduates recognize him?!)
So, I went to high school with the reigning champ, professional triathlete Patrick Evoe, which I'm pretty sure means I "know people". Namely, professional athletes that could not pick me out of a line up, but that I could drop names of mutual friends to and we could share parallel memories of events we both attended, just not in each other's company. So, what I mean is, we are pretty much best friends. (When I discovered Pat's win I immediately called Sarah, because Pat will be racing again, and this race immediately had the added element of "celebrity sighting".)(Because Pat freaking Evoe is an Ironman celebrity. Whaaa?)(Also, one of my favorite bloggers is from Louisville, so I'm sure I'll be craning my neck just expecting to randomly see Katie from Nested.)

So, I won't be posting Monday because I'll be driving home to the fam, but look for a race report Wednesday (can you write a race report for a race you didn't do? heck yes). So until then, be sure to leave some comment love for Sarah. GO SARAH!!!!

This is seriously the only picture of the two of us *not* in our triathlon shorts. Which are super lovely. And will only be posted as necessary in race reports.


  1. have a great time! And I love the bangs..I maintain, bangs always make us look younger! Yours look great!

  2. Ahhhhhh! I remember Pat Evoe! Wow, thats really awesome and amazing that he won last years IronMan. I wish your friend the best of luck!!

    1. Isn't it a small world? How crazy is that?

  3. You know Amy and I are in Louisville, right? I have a friend doing Ironman. I'll be down on the marathon course for a bit. Hopefully!

  4. I believe the heavy bang to be a win win at all times. From one bang sporter to another--nothing makes you look like you have an instant hairstyle than the bang. And--they're oh-so-trendy right now just can't lose.

    1. It's been a process getting used to them on my forehead, but I totally agree; I at least *feel* put more together everyday ;-)

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